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MM moldes is a new business structure adapted to these days , with a wide experience in the development , management and manufacture of plastic injection pieces in order to find out solutions for its product. 

From the very beginning, MM Molds has tried to give an integral service to all its clients both, in the manufacture of molds and plastic injection pieces, and in giving advice based on pieces design, mold design and plastic choice.

Thanks to our clients’, suppliers’ and workers’ confidence and support, we have been able to expand ourselves on new markets, giving a quality integral service based on efficiency and with really competitive prizes. Due to that, we have managed to have a wide market projection, always trying to make great progress gradually and taking care over accuracy and quality aspects.

Our great flexibility allows us to have an extensive range of proprietary products, as well as to offer competitive alternatives to our clients’ requests.

Dealing with areas such as the aeroespace one, automotive industry, electronics and sanitary sectors, phone networks, packaging, alimentary areas…

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